Paracord is awesome, durable 

and multifunctional. 

Addition to the stylish look you may use the leash for lifting heavy objects or whatever else you need. Everything is made using 100% USA made paracord and tested closures. All pet supplies are Rambo proof as in if Rambo can't break them then it's kinda safe to say your best friend won't either.

Mostly braided out of one long cord. So if you and your pet get in trouble in the woods or at sea & happen to need rope - your 2m leash gives you over 25m of cord.

All pet supplies are made out of Type III paracord that is around 4mm in diameter and breaking strenght of up to 247kg. Amazing what this tiny cord can do.

When it comes to braiding patterns or colors there are over 300 options to choose from. Everything from glow in the dark to refectable to basic to glitter. Let your imagination fly!